animals can love too

Thursday, 3 July 2008

laurelle laurelle
what rhymes with laurelle
i am stuck
so i will say laurelle is in love with aj


Dear My Friend Rosie

I know a girl..somecall her rosie
Her hair is brown and her hugs are cosy
She used to be ginger laurelle worked it more
but when it comes to insults she gets a highscore

She fancies andrew she fancies tom
sometimes she likes ben soemtimes she liesk dom
she flirts with busta she flirts with james
she has a thing for henry and also edward baines

We all love rosie yes we do
evenb though she smells like a poo
if you want to find her just go on

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Who likes my love blog and poem

i am love sick, i am sad
I've never had love, it makes me mad
Rosie loves Krishan, Laurelle loves james
I love no-one so I'm not in this game

What do you think of love